November 12, 2008

Update on Basket Weave Pattern

I received some emails asking about the basket weave throw I am knitting. I am using a pattern from a book, but I found lots and lots of free patterns for it on the internet. Here is a pattern that is similar to mine. Basically, (with disclaimers for my "oh, no, I hope I explained that right") this is it with changes for a larger size: Acrylic yarn, worsted; size 9 circular needles, 29". CO 164 sts. For the border, I first knitted 9 rows of garter stitch. Then, I began the basket weave pattern. Basically, it is: k6, p4, k4 until 6 stitches left and then knit 6. The k6 on each end start the side borders. (You could do a seed stitch border, instead.) You can make the basket weave rows as wide or long (tall) as you want. I think mine has 6 rows of basket weave stitch and then three rows of garter stitch between. Mine is not really reversible, but that's OK with me. I would suggest alternating the sets of k4, p4 after 6 rows instead of putting garter stitches between them. Then, it's reversible. I hope this explanation helps. Here is a blog that has a really good picture and pattern. Anyway, it really is an easy pattern. It's fun to knit, too, not boring. I'm still knitting it, but loving it. Let me know what you think.

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Susan Nash said...

Thanks for that pattern...I think even I can manage that one!