November 7, 2008


This is a beginning of a new series. The one above is just an audition pinned on my design wall. It is already machine stitched and quilted. I don't know if the "paint chips" (just pinned on) will stay or go. I may try something else all together. But it has been pinned to my wall for about a week, now and I need to finish it. Below is the "blank" version waiting for another audition of added accents.
I'm still working on the composition and will add a focal point.

This is the stamp I carved from an eraser that is the start of my new series which I will call the Ladder series. Sorry, the above picture is a bit blurry as the eraser is only 7/8" x 2 1/2". The quilt is 10" x 23". I used one of my favorite tools to enlarge the stamp into a quilt overhead projector. You will see more of this series later as I work on it. Leave me a comment if you want. I love reading them!

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Karoda said...

I love the shape of the ladder and I can see them in various sizes all in one quilt.