November 8, 2008

What's on My Needles

This is a wool scarf that I am currently knitting for a Christmas gift. It is 100% wool...warm! I am knitting the ribbing stitch, so it is slow going, knit one, purl one and sometimes is a bit boring.

This is the other knitting project...a throw. It is really a soft gold color knit in a basket weave stitch. Soooo easy! If anyone wants to know how it's done, leave a comment. I am just a beginner knitter, so believe me when I say it's easy. It makes it's own border on all four sides. The nice thing is after I had started this one, I saw one just like it in the new Better Homes & Gardens magazine in a decorating article. Who knew?

The nice thing about my knitting is that it doesn't take away from my quilting. I usually just knit at night after a long day in the studio. Any other quilters out there who knit? If you like free patterns and inspiration, then go to It is a knitting, crochet on line community that is so cool. When I do go there, I get lost in all the neat things to see or make.


Cheryl L said...

Hey Vivian,

What a coincidence. I've picked up my knitting again after many years since I last did it in 4-H. I just bought some yummy purple heather yarn, from the cute yarn shop in Granville, to knit a coat/sweater. I hope to get it done before I no longer like the style! I've been knitting little "house helpers" aka round cotton dishcloths, that are both quick and useful. Off to another retreat at Zinck's this weekend. We'll miss you!!!!

Susan Nash said...

I'm knitting a twisted scarf...but am interested in your EASY throw pattern!
We will miss you @ Zinks. You'll probably hear from us!
LOVE all your work too.

pnewl said...

I would like to know about the throw too. I saw your quilt on the SAQA website. I really like it. Thanks for the inspiration.