November 12, 2007

Compassion for Animals

On Nov. 7, a group of religious leaders, members of congress and others met in Washington DC on Capitol Hill to sign a proclamation for the kindness to animals. You can read the proclamation and sign it on line here. Please help to prevent cruelty to animals. They hope to get a million signatures. I have been concerned since reading and hearing about the recent Virginia Puppy Mills sting, not to mention the dog fighting. How awful what was found in my own state...dogs that had never been out of their cages, no human love, no treats...just treated like machines. Finally, something will be done with all of our help. So, please read it and sign it on line and past the link on to everyone you know that loves a pet. If you don't have a pet, you are missing out on unconditional love...the best kind.
OK, that is my plea for this morning. I'm off to stitch some quilts. (or paint, glue, melt, emboss, or...maybe some shrinky dink charms today).

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