November 9, 2007

New Work...Little Bird

Little Bird

Yesterday, I had internet problems and could not log on, thus no blog or email! I had to call Verizon and first talk to a robot (a polite one) stating my problem. Then, a polite tech lady who had me crawling under the computer and running up to the third floor to check computers there and back under the desk, unplugging and plugging. Nothing worked, so she dispatched a repair person to my door. I was impressed to say the least and who do they send??? A Verizon lady who also owns a Boston Terrier! (I bet Verizon knows I have one...I wonder about those electronic "boxes" with the blinking lights I have in each room.) Anyway, Emma loved her and must have known she was a Boston lover, too. Oh, and the Verizon lady just took one look at my router and installed a new one and everything works faster. She was so nice and friendly unlike the Verizon man who installed our equipment when we moved in. She even said, "nice set-up" for my studio. I am sure there are some who see my room and eyebrows shoot up, and I can see they are looking for the nearest exit! Only other quilters, mixed-media and stamping lovers can relate to "I must fill every square inch of space...oh, there's a 12" x 12" spot...more fabric can go there". It is amazing how much you can pack into a room, but we might need it, right?

OK, I digress, here is the real reason for my post: I finished my Little Bird quilt for my Art Explorations class I am taking from Jane LaFazio. If you want to explore art quilt possibilities in a fun format, this is the class for you! I am behind in my lessons (sorry, Jane) but it's about all I think of lately. Jane's class has my artist's muse working again. I already have so many bird sketches; and I have photographed lots of beach birds and plan to make applique or fabric paintings. Jane has it as one of her lessons, so that was cool. Little Bird is 8" x 8", one of the smaller ones I have made. It gave me a chance to do some FMQ, which I love to do. I don't know if I will add anything else...I had thought about some embellishments but I may do another one just for that. After I had quilted this one, I sort of like the simplicity of it and it looks nice on my studio yellow walls. I used my hand-dyed fabrics, the blue on the bird and the green grass. Happy Emma


Susan said...

I like the simplicity really shows off your beautiful quilting. It is nice that their are still examples of great customer service around...glad such a help is keeping you on-line!

Vivian said...

Thanks, Susan!
I feel lost when I'm not connected to the internet.