November 17, 2007

Quilt Collage

Quilted Collage 1
Detail 1
Detail 2
Here is my challenge quilt for my art theory group. The background has torn, painted paper towel, polymer buttons that I made, skeleton leaves, painted cheesecloth, sheer fabrics and batiks. If you click on the pictures, they should enlarge so you can see it better. It really was hard to photograph due to the "I need better lighting in my studio" factor (hint to hubby). The polymer clay buttons are fun to make. I machine quilted it and zig-zagged the edges. (I even got out my Janome 9000 when my Bernina was being snobby about stitching on the edge). What do you think? I do appreciate your comments!


Susan said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful work and also the advice about movie rentals. I hate paying money for worthless entertainment...especially the type that simply offends.

Anyway, your artwork is quite stunning...but I don't quite understand it...even after clicking the images for the outstanding enlargements. Maybe I'm just stupid or have no understanding of quilting (likely the latter...but you never know!). What, exactly, is the black material...this just couldn't be paper...or is it.

Your use of colors, textures, and design are all so very good. The buttons are truly unique because they look simply and straight forward at first...then, you realize that they aren't the typical store bought ones...they're special...just like the entire piece.

Still, I seem to need more of an explanation. Since this is probably too elementary for a blog post, please enlighten me at I really do like the result and want to understand the process as well as the inspiration.
Suasn said...

I like this quilt collage very much Vivian. It has great balance in the design and the colours are wonderful too. I'd be interested to know how you made the buttons - they are certainly much more interesting than your shop bought ones. I like the way you used them as ties too.
BTW: the little bird looks much better with his leaves!

clevelandgirlie said...

Oh my goodness - I just stumbled across your blog and have to say this is one of the coolest pieces I've seen in a long time. I love leaf quilts, art quilts, leaf prints, etc. -- and this is one of the most unique I have seen. I just did an experiment for a "leaf" challenge and posted it to my blog - I used dryer sheets and painted them with Lumiere metallic paint and sewed them to the bottom of a little art quilt. Come visit my blog and take a look - it's the squirrel art quilt. But this one really is awesome - I love the abstract nature of it, the colors, and the texture - WOW! Nice job girl!

Marrianna said...

I would love to know how you kept everything in place while you did the quilting. This is a lovely piece. Thank you for sharing. I had sent myself an email for your blog because of the metallic tape tutotorial. I finally got around to sitting down and opening all my emails. Before I could even get to the tape entry, I got to see your other great work. Marrianna Email:

Vivian said...

Thanks for the nice comments about this piece. It wasn't planned, just a bit of serendipity as I dug threw my piles of papers, yarns, beads and buttons. The piece represents the leaves and other items that get caught in a stream. The buttons are made of polymer clay. I just shaped, stamped, and baked in my toaster oven. Then, I used acrylics and poly finish on them to give them an aged look.
Marianne, you asked how I kept everything in place while stitching? My secret is a glue stick...just enough to hold it on. Then, add the embellishments after the quilting is done.