November 17, 2007

Cuteness Attack & new Tutorial alert

Maya & Barley
This is Maya (the little one) and Barley. They are our Boxer grand-dogs. Aren't they cute? Maya is about 2 months old in this picture, Barley is about 10 months old. So sweet! Maya taught Emma to walk down the stairs at the house in Columbus, but here at home, she still won't walk down the stairs. She can jump up on a stool but, nope, no stairs. She can go up them, but then she's stuck.
I am suppose to be working on an art challenge quilt for my art theory group tomorrow. I will post some pictures of it when it is finished today. I have lots of quiet time today...hubby was still up at 6 am working on the computer (work things) when Emma woke me up for her morning routine. We were suppose to do some Christmas shopping today. I want to get a larger dining room table since we are having all the kids here for Christmas, but then you have to buy chairs...I did notice in the latest Martha Stewart Living mag, that one of the Christmas dining lay-outs showed a beautiful table and most of the chairs did not match. What's wrong with that, you ask? It's perfectly fine to do's just how I was raised in the good old South...all dinnerware had to match, all napkins, silverware, chairs, etc. Not so today! I'm trying to change.
Our TV is flat-lining intermittently when we are watching a really good movie. Guess it's time to get one of those "new" TVs. We rented "Mr. Brooks" last night. I fell asleep in part of is a really disturbing, sad, sick-o NOT rent it (that's my advice). What a waste of $! I also heard this morning that there is a new children's movie coming out based on a book written by an atheist where the heroine is trying to kill God. Check it out for yourself: It's the Golden Compass. I would not want my children or grandchildren (if I had any) or grand dogs to see such a movie, nor would I support it with my $. That's my opinion because I love God.
Now if you want to see a really scary movie, it's Vacancy. We rented that one last weekend. It's an on-the-edge-of-your-seat-movie. But just a movie and definitely Not for kids.
Thinking of Christmas and the holidays, I am writing a little tutorial today to make a wool-felted star. So, check back later and I will post a picture of it and you will love how much fun it is to make. It is all hand stitching and embroidery but you can also make it on the machine. Thanks for listening today!


Whimsey said...

I love your boxers, they are sooo cute!!

Anonymous said...

Those boxers are the really beautiful! Are you going to breed them?

Vivian said...

I agree, they are so cute! But no, they aren't mine...they belong to my son. I don't think Barley & Maya will have puppies.