November 20, 2007

New Quilt---Beach Bird

Little Beach Bird
This one is "Little Beach Bird". It is from a photograph I took while at the beach this year. These little guys are so hard to photograph because they move so quickly. It is suppose to be sort of whimsical, not too realistic.
We had a very busy weekend...we shopped for a larger dining room table and we found one! It opens up to 102" (two leaves) which is too large for my dining room, but with one leaf, it is perfect to seat 8. We are having all our kids here for Christmas and we want to sit comfortably at the table. We put the old one in our kitchen dining area and it is great there. The good news is, we can use the chairs from our old set for the new table.

Our new table without the leaves

As you can see, we had to put our wicker chair in the dining room out of Emma's reach...she decided she would love to chew the legs on this one. So, we have to use baby gates to keep her out of here. Hopefully, when she gets all her teeth, she will stop the chewing and we can put the chair back in the family room. The chair is from Pier I and the dining table is from IKEA.

Table runner

Table runner, detail

This is the table runner you see on my table. I made it when I worked at the quilt shop in Ohio. It is a pattern by Ginger Sanchez, "Antique Pomegranates". The runner is all hand stitched using hand dyed wools. The background is linen. I used a lot of patterns when I worked at the shop. We bought the patterns and materials and made the samples for the shop and taught classes. I miss those days.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vivi,

I miss those days, too! Miss all my fellow quilt monkeys.

I love your new table. Maybe Santa will bring Emma some new chew toys to distract her from the chair legs!

Have a great Thanksgiving! Miss you LOTS!!!!


Susan Lenz said...

The table looks great. The runner is perfect on it. Thank you ever so much for the nice explanation you sent about the collaged quilt. It made looking at the piece again so very enjoyable.

Where in Ohio are you from? I'm from Columbus...a Buckeye at heart...met my husband at a football game in 1977. Took my first real embroidery stitches after going through the Arts and Crafts building at the Ohio State Fair.

Unknown said...

I can almost see that little bird running off your quilt.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family around your new table - decorated with your fabulous runner x